CES 2022. Sony’s Spin-Off Car Company Introduces New EV Concept

Sony has gone a long way from selling car stereos in cars to designing electric cars. At CES 2022 the Japanese brand showed off its concept vehicle and spun a brand new company called Sony Mobility Inc. Sony is aiming to explore the EV industry opportunity through this new entity, as per their official website.

Sony’s Vision-S 01 was the first concept that it had presented last year. It even performed driving testing in the same year. The Vision S 02 prototype, which is an SUV form factor, was adopted by the company. Sony’s EVs can be compared to Tesla’s design. The Japanese are not slowing down in technology either. The brand is putting a lot of faith in safety and user-experience when it comes to electric vehicles.

Sony uses LiDAR and high-resolution CMOS sensors in autonomous driving. The company is currently undergoing verification tests to verify Level2+ autonomy status. Tesla’s latest models also feature Level 2+ autonomous capability.

A panoramic touchscreen interface dominates the dashboard. The touchscreen interface will allow you to interact with gestures or voice commands. The companion mobile application will allow you customize the car’s display and audio. It will be available for 5G connectivity so that you can get high-speed connectivity wherever you go. Sony will provide software updates to add more features much like Tesla.

Sony intends to equip the car using its in-house multimedia expertise. PlayStation games can also be played on the car’s journey using remote play.

Sony has yet to share key specifications, such as top speed and range, acceleration, powertrain and range. It is currently unclear if Sony will commit to entering this lucrative market.