Five Ways that Consumer Insights are Essential for Your eCommerce Marketing Success

When they are able to understand what their customers want, organizations can thrive. To be successful, companies spend a lot time and money asking questions to gather data and making sure that they respond in a correct way and provide value for their customers.

If you get to know your customers, you can gather actionable consumer information and drive them toward a purchase or embrace your eCommerce company.

In this article, we will be discussing 5 ways that customer insights can help improve your eCommerce marketing campaigns.



Consumer insight is a great way to help you target your marketing efforts. Understanding your buyers’ purchasing decisions, where and when they shop, as well as the factors that influence them will give you a better picture of your customers. This will enable you to focus your marketing efforts and create highly-targeted campaigns.

Your customers will be more satisfied if you do thorough research and have the ability to understand their needs and provide solutions. This will allow you to create a foundation, engage with them effectively, and build trust. Research shows that organizations with outstanding generate more revenue than their competition by generating over 70% of the total.


Although you probably know the characteristics of your target audience, it’s likely that they change. Therefore, it is vital to remain on top buyer personas.

A buyer personality is a semi-fictional representation you have of your ideal customer. It’s derived from market research and data collected from actual customers. Personas enable marketers to spend more time and energy on creating better products and services. Research has shown that buyers personas are more effective in generating leads than other methods, with over 55% of these brands achieving higher quality leads. Furthermore, personas can help you to reduce your sales cycle.

It’s crucial that you define your buyer personas in the beginning. But, they should not be forgotten later. You can use customer insights for refinement and tweaking your buyer personas, to ensure that you are meeting customer needs.


Customer insights also can improve communication with customers. Any eCommerce company must be able to communicate with customers in order to succeed long-term.

Consumers prefer brands that are attentive and make an effort for them to understand. This makes them feel valued. Feeling that consumers are involved in two-way communication is more important than simply receiving information about what they should buy. states that more than 40% would pay more for friendly experiences, citing convenience, speed, friendly service, and other factors as important.

While you may believe that you are communicating well with customers, this might not be the case. If you don’t inquire, you won’t know. Ask your shoppers what their opinion is about your communication. This includes the tools and channels used, including emails and ads. Is their interpretation consistent with your intended message? If the answer is not yes, you have the opportunity to use the insight to improve it moving forward.


Technological advances, rapidly evolving trends, and changing buying patterns continue to influence buying behaviours. Companies that are less agile can easily fall behind their rivals if they don’t keep up with the changing needs and wants of their customers.

Your marketing strategy should be flexible and adaptable to changing customer preferences and needs.

You can use consumer insights to account for some of these changes of needs and wants, and prepare your eCommerce store for adaptability and informed response.


You can get consumer insights that will reveal not only what your shoppers think about you and your brand but also how they view your competition. To understand the mindset of your target market, you can find out how they see competitors brands and where you stand relative to them. You will be able identify potential gaps in your market and can determine what you can do to improve.

The consumer insights you get from your customers will help you understand your customers better and show you where you can improve your eCommerce brand to win more market share.

Final Thoughts

Conducting customer insight research in the highly-competitive eCommerce industry can help to target your communications and ensure that you are meeting their needs. Engaging and effective marketing campaigns can only be created when you have a comprehensive data-driven understanding about your customers.