Roof screens can conceal and protect different types of rooftop equipment

On the rooftops of commercial and industrial buildings, there is frequently a lot of unsightly equipment. It’s easy to assume that because things are high up on a roof, no one will notice them, yet they will.

These ugly components and features detract from the appearance of your organization when viewed from a distance or from neighboring buildings. Unsightly rooftop equipment might harm your brand’s image, especially if your competitors have invested in screening.

The appearance of your building’s façade, as well as how it appears to prospects, customers, and partners, is a critical factor to consider.

Although electrical, heating and ventilation equipment are invariably present in most buildings, they do not have to be visible to the public. Rooftop screens can conceal a wide range of roof-based equipment that you might not have thought was vital to hide.

Our innovative rooftop screening systems offer cost-effective solutions for municipal screening needs for HVAC units, chillers, air handlers, power exhausts, roof stacks, and communication equipment.

What kind of gear are we discussing?

Here are some instances of rooftop equipment that roof screens can efficiently conceal.

  1. Air Conditioning Units

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment control the temperature and climate of interior spaces. The units are typically heavy and unappealing to look at, especially when stacked in rows.

  1. Exhaust Ventilation Fans on the Roof

Roof exhaust fans remove air from a building’s interior, allowing fresh air to enter. The larger the structure, the more these silver or grey metallic units are required.

  1. Air-conditioning towers

Rooftop cooling towers lower water temperatures by removing heat from a variety of sources, including HVAC chillers. They have a dull appearance at best, worse still, if they begin to rust.

  1. Pipe work and Ductwork

Auxiliary ducts and piping are unavoidable elements of HVAC equipment and comparable systems. These are frequently visible from the ground, particularly when connected to high-level wall-mounted equipment.

  1. Service Walkways


Rooftop equipment can be reached through walkways. They’re perfect for non-flat terrain as well as possibly slick situations. Step-over provide access across ducts on walkways. They are highly functional; however, if placed at the edge of a roof area, they are unsightly.

  1. Platforms for Equipment

Platforms boost equipment above the rooftop surface level, potentially increasing the visibility of both the framework and the equipment. Guard rails are generally included with these platforms, which create an extra visual distraction.

  1. Solar Panels

Green design and energy options, such as solar electricity, are becoming increasingly popular among businesses. Solar panels themselves are not unpleasant, but the frames, supports, and electrical equipment, as well as potential solar reflections, might be unsightly from certain perspectives.

  1. Communication Systems

Rooftops across the country are adorned with cellular communication systems, satellite dishes, antennas, and a variety of other gadgets. The tallest antennae can be tough to conceal, but screens can certainly conceal the heavier gadgets underneath.

These are just a few examples of the types of equipment that can be found on commercial and industrial roofs. You can see why they might distract from the appearance of the premises and corporate brand when viewed from a distance or surrounding buildings.

With so many different screen designs and materials available nowadays – like our Rooftop Screens – drastically improving the aesthetic of your buildings has never been easier.

Your customers will see smart-looking screens that match the general aesthetic of your building and the surrounding area, rather than unsightly industrial rooftops crowning your enterprise.

Your company’s logo can even be shown on the screens.