Why And How We Should Use Reusable Bags

A reusable shopping bag is more than a fashionable way to bring your groceries home from the farmer’s market. You can use CustomEarth reusable bags to transport groceries and all other items. There are many reasons.

Since April 2019, single-use plastic bags have been banned from large retail stores in at least three states and ten additional major cities and counties in the United States. Other jurisdictions have implemented plastic bag bans in large retail stores and increased recycling efforts of single-use plastic products like bags.

So Why Use Reusable Bags And What Are The Benefits?

Plastic Bags’ Impact on the Environment

It is important to reduce the environmental impact of plastic bags. It is well-known that single-use plastics, such as water bottles and shopping bags, are increasing landfills and posing a threat to wildlife. Do-gooders, tree-huggers, etc. have made pleas to reduce plastic waste so common that many people may be inclined to forget about them.

However, it is clear that plastic bags are not only excessively used in the United States, but also have a significant impact on the planet. They just want to be able to buy cool stuff. We are going to give you the facts on single-use plastic bags.

Facts About Global Plastic Bag Use

Plastic bags alone can kill as many as 100,000 marine animals each year. One of the most endangered species is the Leatherback Sea Turtle. This turtle confuses plastic bags with the jellyfish it likes to eat. Americans use almost one single-use plastic bag per person every day. It takes plastic bags up to 500 years to decay in landfills.

Now that you know the devastating impact single-use plastic bag use has on the environment, we hope this helps you to understand why reusable bags are so important. It seems simple to make the right decision and easy to practice, so why not?

Why Aren’t More People Using Reusable Bags?

It seems simple to use reusable shopping bags because of all the benefits. Theoretically speaking, it is.

Ironically, people often cite their brains as the biggest barrier that prevents them from fully adopting reusable bag use. They simply forget. We’ve all been there. After you get your groceries home, you put them away. Then, you forget to bring your reusable bags. You can also put your reusable bags in your vehicle and forget about them when you go to the supermarket.

Still Struggle To Use Reusable Shopping Bags

Here are some of our favorite tricks to get you to include reusable bags in your daily life:

Reusable Bags Are Better Than Single-Use Bags That You Can’t Find At The Store.

Your groceries are packed and ready to go. Keep your reusable bags close by so that you can see them every time you go. Make an extra trip and put them in the car.

Although these extra steps might seem daunting at first, once you practice them enough you’ll never forget to pack your bags again. It’s worth it to save the lives and planets of millions of animals.

Shopping Bags For Everybody!

After we have all figured out how to remind ourselves to bring our reusable shopping bags to the grocery store, the only problem is that we don’t own enough.

You will find a variety of reusable bags and other eco-friendly promotional items. You can also personalize them to promote your brand and cause for no additional charge.

Our Reusable Shopping Bags are affordable so you can give them to your customers, clients, guests, or friends. It helps spread the word about the importance of using reusable shopping bags.