Tips To Develop Layered Lighting Layout Around Dining Table

The dining table symbolizes multiple things. It is a place where families come together for nourishment, celebrate critical milestones, create new memories, and share experiences. You need to develop an ideal layered lighting layout for the dinner table to enjoy quality time with every loved one sitting around.

Layered lighting in the dining room helps to add dimension to the table as well as offers guests a great dining experience just like in high-end restaurants. The chandelier over the dining table is classic to a well-lighted dining room. Nevertheless, you can add more function, comfort, and style using the five-layered lighting approach.

The five layers of lights

Lights for action

It is necessary to see the food served on your plate. Chandeliers or pendants installed above the tables are helpful. The three ring light fixture from Sofary is a remarkable decorative lighting fixture for the dining room. It is an ideal ambient light that reflects light on the ceiling instead of downwards. You can choose a pendant with recessed downlights to see what is on the plate.

If the dining room has a low ceiling you can choose recessed lighting fixtures to attain an ultra-modern look. Recessed lighting is a discreet option, which can spotlight specific spaces or light the entire room. It is low maintenance and low cost. You can set the entire dining room with a recessed lighting system to cover ambient, task, and accent lighting needs.

Lights to read expressions

When you add two scones on each side of the bathroom mirrors it helps to brighten your face. In the same way, add a double pendant hanging above a dining table for creating the same effect. Reading expressions of dinner guests helps to make pleasant communication. Adding recessed and cove lights in niches will help establish room dimensions and highlight architectural features.

Lights for romance

Candlelight dinner is appealing but candle flickers, dripping wax, and scary shadows dampen the mood. A few wall scones, accent lamps, or buffet lamps placed strategically offer a warm candlelit effect. You can even choose ambient lighting with dimmer switches to lower lighting levels to soft glow.

Light for swapping room ambiance

Dining room tables are not just used for meals but are used for multiple things like playing board games, doing homework, decorating cookies, etc. Add multiple light sources and use a dimmer to swap the room ambiance. For the dining room, solid task lighting is essential.

Wall sconces, floor lamps, or torchieres are effect task lights that can be positioned where necessary to gain extra lighting for proper visibility. When you don’t use floor lamps and torchieres as task lighting, use them as ambient and area lighting to light the room efficiently.

Lights that reveal your style

Each décor piece in the space tells about your taste, interest, and style. If you choose a double C chandelier, it will reveal your penchant for minimalist and modern style. A handmade chandelier may convey your gratitude for craftsmanship.

A layered lighting layout makes a vast difference. It creates warm and inviting spaces for everyone in the house and even guests.