What You Need to Know About IQOS Iluma Prime and Their Reviews?

Heated tobacco products are one of the most popular products amongst tobacco users or you can say it is a good alternative to tobacco cigarettes. The research on this product is still going on, only making it a more awaited one for new users. It has also proven to be beneficial as it is not as toxic as the cigarette itself.


While this research is going on amongst the scientists, Phillip Morris came up with a new device named IQOS Illuma Prime in the year 2021. This product was so successful amongst its users that it has beaten many of its competitors. This is a device that is separated by its holder and a charging case. You can buy this product online on the site of Heated Products. You can check for details and offers on this product.


What is that product all about?


This product is much different from its original IQOS Illuma model. This device comes in four different colours black obsidian, rose gold, jade, and golden khaki. This aluminium case has a holder behind which is wrapped with a magnetic blanket. This part is also customizable and comes in different materials like leather or metal.


Apart from this, this model also supports up to two sessions in a row, just like the model IQOS 3 Duos does. You will also see an indicator that is right next to the button and also a cap at the top (which is an interchangeable ring).


This new product takes the appeal of heat-not-burn products to a totally new level by introducing a technology named the Smart core system. It also heats the tobacco leaves inside the system itself.


This system does not have a blade, so you do not have to worry about blade changing. Also, there is no trouble with cleaning after usage. It also has a function of auto-start that will start the heating process of the device automatically.


Is it safe to be used?


This is the latest version of IQOS which is the first ever tobacco-free tobacco heating system. When it comes to the safety part, this product was developed under the individual countries’ regulations. It is one of the reduced-risk products and therefore can be considered safe to use. However, before the usage, it is recommended that you read the instructions well.


What are the characteristics of this product?

  • Firstly, you can smoke about 20 sticks when it is fully charged.
  • In a row, you can smoke about 2 sticks
  • One session can last about 5 minutes
  • The type of USB charging port is Type-C/ 2A
  • It takes about 125 minutes to get full charged with a normal power adapter
  • The heating element used inside is an Induction chamber and an induction stick
  • As mentioned earlier, it has a Smart core induction system heating technology, split design, auto power on, Bluetooth support, gesture control, Alarm with a vibration system.
  • The main brand of the stick is TEREA sticks.
  • The manufacturer company is PMI.


The new heating system is one of the positive points of this company. The induction heating system can help you get a maximum taste of tobacco without contaminating the device.