Guidelines To Pick The Right Chandelier Shape And Size

Chandeliers offer elegance and class besides providing an ambient lighting experience. The endless array of chandelier design choices ranging from rustic to elegant make it intimidating to pick the right one. The lighting features designed for the ceiling make a bold statement. It grabs attention as well as adds flair. So, chandelier designs have been more artistic and decorative in comparison to pendants or hanging lamps. 

The ceiling is a completely blank canvas, so adding the chandelier orb from Sofary is an artistic way to use the entire landscape. It is available with adjustable height and is suitable for sloped ceilings. You can even check out other styles and shapes of the chandelier on their online store. 

Chandelier styles

  • Contemporary – The chandeliers are practical and have simple designs.
  • Farmhouse – A great style with antiqued, aged features and wooden finishes. Natural elements like antlers and animal horns are included. It can even incorporate wagon wheels or barrel bands or other dated items.
  • Industrial – The style has metal finishes and includes reclaimed materials for matching urban interior design’s functional aesthetic. The light fixtures can be obvious or entirely hidden.
  • Modern – Basic finishes and clean lines are incorporated, which allows it to blend with a contrast modern palette. You can find different shapes that include squares, circles, or straight tubes or bars but the highlight is the defined lines.
  • Traditional – Classic silhouette of decorative rod posts in the center with branched-out curved arches supporting up-lifted light fixtures. You can find these in all kinds of color and finish.

Chandelier shapes

  • Abstract – The abstract design can range from cubic lines to swirling cascades that resemble stacked boxes to molecular patterns including candlestick bulbs.
  • Candle – The bulbs in this chandelier resembles real candle in a classic hanging base. It has a linear design, which draws attention to candle-shaped lights instead of the frame supporting it. 
  • Billiard – These are designed for installation over a long table, pool table, or bar table. It incorporates colored or glass down shades for direct lighting on the table.
  • Drum – The shape is short and round in height and wide in diameter resembling a drum. It is a great option for creating a modern farmhouse or rustic style based on chandelier shade material.
  • Empire – It offers a traditional look with its pear-shaped silhouette including detailed strings of crystals or draped glass intended to reflect brightness. The delicate draped strings are centered from branches and arches in a specific arrangement for emphasizing them.
  • Lantern – Boxy shape generally highlights the metal framework. Light bulbs are kept exposed by open lantern lines. You will find these in different metallic finishes that can elaborate on the rooms existing interior décor. 
  • Tiered – The chandelier features a minimum of 2 different light levels that taper down. It is s style that will suit modern, traditional, or glamorous aesthetics. In large spaces with high ceilings tiered chandeliers can make a huge statement. 

Chandeliers do have their limitations. They are not a good source for task or direct lighting, so need to be improved with other lighting fixtures.