Different Shapes For Your Favourite Crystal Chandeliers

Chandeliers have been one of the oldest ways to add an aesthetic feel to your living space. Even in the old times, Chandeliers used to be there to light palaces and mansions. These sparkling crystals spread their light in the room and shine like a bright star suspended on the ceiling. They are a real showpiece for the room, but they are much more than a mere dead showpiece.

This is because they have a real utilitarian purpose too. Since the light in any room can make a lot of difference when it comes to the look and feel of the room, chandeliers give you a very royal and thoughtful feel to the room. It accentuates the beauty of all the articles in the room. This complementarity is what sets the chandeliers apart from conventional lighting ideas.

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In the box of the chandelier, you get a pair of gloves, a rectangular crystal chandelier, which is unassembled, a few screws and a step-by-step guide for installation.

Impact of the crystal chandeliers 

Crystal chandeliers leave a long-lasting impression on the people who come to your house. When your guests see this sparkling constellation of crystals suspended from the ceiling and emitting their light, it quickly becomes the centre of attraction. A chandelier is a piece, which can never go unnoticed. Your status among your peers immediately shoots up because of chandeliers.

Shapes of chandeliers 

There are a few shapes of chandeliers and before you decide on buying any one of them, you must be aware of what different shapes of chandeliers have to offer to you. Here is the list of different shapes:

1- Shaded- these chandeliers typically come with bigger lights. Their design is clean and the idea is basic. In these chandeliers, the brushed glass surrounds the individual lights.

2- Crystal chandeliers- these are the chandeliers, which immediately come to our mind when we hear the word chandelier. These are perhaps the most beautiful types of chandeliers. In the structure of these chandeliers, the light bulbs are surrounded by crystals. These glass crystals spread the lights to all angles and it feels like light is bouncing off you.

3- Candle chandeliers – as suggested by the name, in this type of chandelier, the light bulbs are replaced by candles.


Chandeliers are beautiful pieces of art and are a great way of enhancing the look and feel of your home.