What You Need To Know About Industrial Racking?

You can maximize the utilization of your storage facility and the output of your employees with the help of the appropriate racking system. Here are some guidelines for sorting through the many racking systems to find the one that best suits your needs.

  • Pallet Dimensions and Materials

Pallet Shelving Rack Malaysia requires two pieces of information: product weight and size. The measurements include the pallet and the products housed inside. Standard pallet dimensions are 48 inches deep by 40 inches wide. Having more readily available storage choices depends on your use of common configurations. However, you may want to look into tailor-made industrial racking options if you deal with oddly shaped or sized goods.

  • Retrieval of Stock

The goods may be retrieved from your system in several different methods. What ordering method do you employ—LIFO, FIFO, or something else? You should use FIFO when dealing with perishable stock. However, if this is not the case, a LIFO system might be implemented.

  • Type/Number of Pallets

How many different products do you offer? The sort of pallet racking system you require is often determined by the quantity of stock-keeping units (SKUs). Selective pallet racking is an option to consider if your inventory includes a wide variety of product SKUs. The system’s adaptability to different SKUs makes it a great choice for managing stock that has to be quickly accessed. However, you’ll need a storage solution that provides better density than alternatives if you have many pallets for each SKU. Consider switching to a drive-in or push-back pallet racking method to see if it improves efficiency. For FIFO product handling, a pallet movement racking solution might be a viable option as well.

  • Setting: Warehousing

Is temperature control available for product storage? If not, where will they be kept? Alternatively, do you work with temperature-insensitive products? When searching for a racking system, you should keep the surrounding conditions in mind.

  • Space for Stuff

Determine how much space is available for Heavy Duty Rack Malaysia. You should also examine the columns that hold up your structure. How far apart are they normally? Your project finances will also be impacted by this. It’s also important to measure the interior ceiling’s height to see what kind of racking systems would fit. Pay close attention to the location and dimensions of the dock entrances. Do you think the pallets will fit through those openings?